How To Make The Most Of Your Morning


The way that our morning goes usually determines how the rest of our day will go. Whether you’re working or having a laid back day, here are a few simple tips to give you the tools you need to elevate your morning routine.

  • Take a deep breath, in for the count of 5 and Out fo the count of 5. Allow yourself to be present for a moment, take in your surroundings.
  • Stretch your body to wake up your muscles and energize. After laying down for several hours, we all need a good stretch to start the day!
  • Practice gratitude. While not everyone’s schedule allows for journaling in the morning, it’d good to pay some thought to the beautiful free things the world offers us.
  • Wake up before you check your phone. Use other methods of stimulating your mind to wake up rather than checking social media, texts, emails etc.
  • You’ve nourished your mind, and now it’s time to nourish your body. Understandably, not everyone has time for a big breakfast. However, something prepared the night before or in a few minutes that morning will have a positive impact. 

Productivity is a good thing, but remember that it is productive to take care of yourself. Your morning is for you, not for completing the daily tasks you’ve set. So let’s all take some time to take care of ourselves in the morning, and watch your self-love blossom like flowers in the Spring!

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